Meet the Team


Jesse Ordunez, Training Director

Jesse is an expert in the difficult field of Weaponcraft. His years of training with the US military, AIM, Gunsite, The Bulwarks, and others has placed him in many challenging situations of which he has performed admirably. Jesse served in the US Army as an MP for eight years before being retired due to injury. Some of his jobs consisted of PSD, Convoy Security, Corrections, Force Protection, Quick Reaction Force and Route Clearing and Security. He is also the founder of Raven Defense where he teaches armed self-defense and defensive mindset for everyday Americans.
After being on both ends of the rifle more than once, he brings real world experience to training. The most notable gunfight, The Palm Sunday Ambush on March 20, 2005. With 5/1 odds mistakes couldn’t be made. Contact Jesse at
• Defensive Weaponscraft rifle and pistol
• Hundreds of hours training with multiple weapons and tactics – US Army
• Defensive Handgun Three – The American Institute of Marksmanship
• Defensive Handgun Four – The American Institute of Marksmanship
• Tactics of the Self-Defense Pistol
• Defensive Mindset training
• KY DOCJT CCDW Instructor
• Certified NRA Pistol Instructor
• Certified NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor
• Studies in Counter Terrorism and Tactics with AMU
• 8 years as a Military Police
• Combat experience in and around Baghdad, Iraq with multiple combat engagements and a year in Guantanamo Bay Cuba at Camp Delta Detention Center
• Gunsite Academy Graduate

Josh Parker, Information Services Director

Upon joining the Kentucky Army National Guard in 2005, I quickly became engulfed in information services and what it could provide in bringing content to people. After initial entry training and specific training for Information Technology, I was a full time asset to the emergency communication’s capability for Kentucky responding to numerous events. After obtaining multiple industry certifications to include Security +, Vmware VCP, Zerto CP, ITiL v3, and CISSP, I quickly grew in the roles of an IT Security Systems Engineer. With the IT background, I was attached to the Kentucky Small Arms Readiness Training Section and became a certified weaponcraft instructor in 2014, teaching hundreds of soldiers on proper weapons handling and marksmanship. I have also been on the Kentucky National Guard’s state combat team competing in state, regional, and national level events, while earning the bronze “Excellence in Competition” badge for the rifle. On the civilian side, I compete in USPSA, and IDPA competitions to further the training and marksmanship crafts and to bring in different aspects of training to my students. Taking all of this valuable training, experience in weaponcraft, and marksmanship, I will pair it with my extensive background in Information Technology to bring an unmatched connected experience for people that will benefit from today’s technology in how content and services can be had anywhere in the world.


Edwin Garcia, Lead Instructor

My background experience consists of Basic Combat Training, Basic/Advanced Rifle Marksmanship, Close Quarter Marksmanship, SFAUC (Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat), Rangemaster, First Aid, Combat
Medical Training (68W), TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), Airborne, Air Assault, Jumpmaster, Rappel Master, Primary Leadership Development Course, BNCOC (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course), ANCOC (Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course), Winter/Summer Basic Mountaineering,Winter/Summer Assault Climber, Modern Army Combatives Levels 1-4 (Brigade Master Trainer), 35P Cryptologic Linguist (Spanish Level 2+, 3). I have worked for the Kentucky Army National Guard for 22 years as a Medic and Cryptologic Linguist. I have held the positions of Squad Leader, SOT-A Team Leader (Special Operations Team-Alpha), Detachment Sergeant (Platoon Sergeant), and 1SG (First Sergeant). I am currently the Detachment NCOIC of
the Kentucky SARTS (Mobilization Close Quarter Battle and Marksmanship Training and Competition Team). I have been a member of the Marksmanship Competition team for two years. I have obtained a Bronze Excellence in Competition badge for pistol and rifle. I have deployed with the 20th SFG(A) on numerous occasions to include linguistic support to NATO exercises and Medical exercises to Ecuador (3 times) and Argentina as well as CONUS deployment to secure the International Airport in support of Operation Noble
Eagle. I have been on combat tours to Afghanistan (2012-2013) and Iraq (2010-2011) Operations Enduring Freedom/New Dawn. I was certified by the FAA as a baggage inspector deployed to an international airport as armed anti-terrorist security at the security gate.
I have also worked for the Kentucky Counterdrug Organization, Joint Support Operations for 20 years. Joint Support Operations conducts clandestine counter-narcotics reconnaissance in support of local, state and federal law enforcement in the state of Kentucky to include City Police Departments, numerous
Sheriff Departments, FBI, DEA, CIA, Secret Service and the U.S. Marshal Service. I was a Ground Reconnaissance Operator, Recon Team Leader, Training NCO, NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge), as well as Administrative NCOIC and Budget NCOIC.

Jason Rhodes, Lead Instructor

Jason’s military career started in 2001 and includes two deployments overseas. He served as lead truck commander for a convoy security unit in Baghdad, Iraq and was responsible for the overall navigation and security of the element while operating in and around the city. He also spent time in East Africa just after the Benghazi attack where he served as the Platoon Sergeant for the newly formed East Africa Response Force, which was tasked with being prepared to react to any threats on American Embassies in the area of operation. He received Personal Security Detail (PSD) training from
Army Special Forces and coordinated operational plans with
State Department Security personnel. Jason was responsible for
developing and overseeing all firearms training for the 30-man reaction force.
This included Close Quarters Marksmanship and defensive pistol shooting,
which included drawing a firearm from the concealed position.
Jason is also a Senior Weaponcraft instructor for the Kentucky National Guard
and has been instructing since 2010. He joined the
Small Arms Readiness Training Section (SARTS) in 2013 and has trained hundreds of
Kentucky Guardsmen deploying overseas. As a Weaponcraft instructor and member
of the SARTS, Jason trains soldiers in a wide range of qualifications; from basic rifle and pistol marksmanship to Shoothouse Instructor qualification courses, which focus on not only teaching soldiers advanced techniques in Close Quarters Marksmanship, but the ability to train other soldiers the same techniques. Jason became a Kentucky Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons instructor in 2010 and has been teaching regularly for almost six years. He has a vast experience working with male and female shooters of all skill sets. Jason has attended defensive firearms training from reputable training academies like Rangemaster and The American Institute of Marksmanship where he learned first hand from renowned instructors Tom Givens and Jim Higginbotham.


Dwight "Clint" Bushong, Lead Instructor/Coach

I joined the Kentucky Army National Guard in 2007, I have always had a love for the firearms and training. My experience consists of Basic Combat Training, Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Close Quarters Marksmanship, and Military Operation on Urbanized Terrain, Military Police Advanced Individual Training, Combat Life Saver, Air Assault, Leadership Development Course, Military Police Basic Officer Leadership Course, Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station Training, Military Police Investigations, Weaponcraft Instructor and Shoot house Instructor.

I am currently a Military Police Investigator and have served with the Kentucky Small Arms Readiness Training Section (SARTS) for 2 years and have been on Kentucky’s marksmanship team where I have achieved: Governors Twenty Tab, Silver Excellence in Competition badge for pistol, Bronze Excellence in Competition in Rifle and several other top placements in competition. In addition to SARTS I worked full time for the Kentucky Army National Guard Pre Mobilization Training Assistance Element (PTAE) for over 2 years.  I have assisted and training small teams and large elements of Soldiers and Airmen in preparation for deployment and other contingency operations overseas.

I  deployed to Kandahar province Afghanistan where I was hand selected to lead a 16 personnel security force (SECFOR) for Personal Security Detail (PSD), Convoy Security and mounted and dismounted security operations This deployment resulted in over 270 completed missions with no casualties. I have been a fulltime police officer since 2014 and am a certified Firearms Instructor and CCDW instructor through Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT.) At my Police department I assets with planning, development and implementation of new firearms training. I have shot competitively for my police department at the Kentucky Police Officers Association 3-Gun match with a 1st place finish.  Other police training consists of: Current Issues for Patrol, Social Media and internet Investigations, Incident Preparation, Response and Mitigation and Crisis Intervention Team Training.

My goal is to teach others through my experiences while making myself a better teacher/instructor! Come be Bulwarks Strong!

Tim Nein, Lead Instructor/Coach

Timothy Nein works full time for the Kentucky National Guard and currently holds the position of State Master Gunner. He has been teaching firearms training for over 20 years and has vast experience from military to civilian applications. Tim has a strong belief personal defense and safety. Through these beliefs, he strives to influence others to build foundations to increase their capabilities for personal defense and safety in their lives. When not on a range teaching, Tim enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, either on a range, in the woods hunting or on the water fishing.  Tim’s formal school training and experience include: 21 Years service as Military Police Soldier with United States Army U.S. Army Small Arms Master Gunner U. S. Army Gunnery Vehicle Crew Evaluator Kentucky National Guard Weapon Craft Instructor U.S. Army Airborne Course U.S. Army Master Leader Course NRA Certified Instructor for Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home, Chief Range Safety Officer Commonwealth of Kentucky Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons Instructor and Instructor Trainer Utah Department of Public Safety Concealed Firearm Instructor Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Trainer Graduate of Tactical Firearms Training Team (TFTT) Rifle Course Lifetime Member of National Rifle Association (NRA) Lifetime Member of the Legion of Valor

wes rogers cadre

Wes Rogers, Consultant/Coach

Wes started his military career in 2004 with the Kentucky National Guard. His advanced marksmanship training started in 2006 when he attended Squad Designated Marksman Course at the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center at Robinson Maneuver Training Center, North Little Rock, Arkansas. During his deployment to Iraq in 2007-2008, he served as lead truck commander for a convoy security unit while in Baghdad, Iraq and was responsible for the safe navigation and overall security of the convoy element while in the area of operations for Multi-National Division – Baghdad. In 2010, he became a certified Weaponcraft and Shoothouse instructor for the Kentucky National Guard and participated in the training of several units mobilizing for deployments. Upon moving to Northern Virginia in 2011, Wes became a member of the DC National Guard and deployed to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2013. While in Cuba, he served in the Intelligence Section as an Analyst for the Joint Detention Group under Joint Task Force Guantanamo. Since returning to the Kentucky National Guard in 2016, he has been attached to the Small Arms Readiness Training Section (SARTS) as a Primary Weaponcraft instructor and during both stints as a Weaponcraft instructor has trained hundreds of Kentucky Guardsmen deploying overseas. As a Weaponcraft instructor and being attached to the SARTS, Wes trains soldiers in a wide range of qualifications; from basic rifle and pistol marksmanship and fundamentals to Shoothouse Instructor qualification courses, which focus on not only teaching Soldiers advanced techniques in Close Quarters Marksmanship, but the ability to train and develop other Soldiers the same skills. Wes has attended several of The Bulwarks defensive firearms courses, and has been trained by the likes of Jim Higginbotham early on in his instructing career.


Loren Long, "That Guy"

Jason Reed, RN, MSN, CEN, AEMT

Grew up in Nashville, TN. He graduated with his Associate of Science in Nursing from Aquinas College and a Master’s of Science in Nursing from Walden University. He went into the nursing profession because he loves helping others in need, teaching people to care for themselves, and celebrating life. He is a flight nurse who has been in critical care and emergency medicine for the past 14 years. His clinical experience includes acute, chronic, critical, and emergency care, in patients from all age ranges. His passion is trauma care, cardiovascular and pulmonary emergencies, and education. Currently, he practices as a flight nurse for a large level 1 trauma system in Middle Tennessee and is nursing faculty at a large university in East Tennessee. His brings leadership, evidenced-base practice guidelines, and lessons learned from his 14 years of emergency nursing. He is licensed in the state of TN as a Registered Nurse and Advanced EMT and is nationally Certified as an Emergency Nurse. He holds certifications in Trauma Combat Casualty Care, Trauma Nurse Core Course Instructor, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Advanced Hazmat Life Support, Advanced Stroke Life Support, Fundamental Critical Care Support, and Advanced Trauma Life Support (audited). Jason has taught courses and lectured on topics to include Critical Care Cardiac Emergencies, Bleeding Control and Hemorrhage Management, Airway Management, Intracranial Emergencies and Management, and Trauma Transport Considerations. He sits on the faculty of a Critical Care Paramedic Program and teaches critical care nursing clinical. Jason is a member of the Emergency Nurses Association. He aims to provide an enjoyable, informative , and professional learning environment, that prepares his students to care for themselves and their loved ones at the worst of times.