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The Bulwarks Leadership

James Eric Dean, CEO and Founder of The Bulwarks LLC



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Staci Dean, CFO and Operations Manager

Staci Dean, CFO pf the Bulwarks LLC.

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Jesse Ordunez, Director of Training


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Dedicated Instructors

Edwin Garcia, Lead Instructor

Eddie Garcia is one of the Lead Instructors for the Bulwarks.

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Jason Rhodes, Lead Instructor

Jason Rhodes, Lead Instructor

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Dwight "Clint" Bushong, Lead Instructor/Coach


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Tim Nein, Lead Instructor/Coach

Tim Nein, Lead Instructor/Coach

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Courtney McCarthy, Instructor/Coach

Courtney Beadnell McCarthy, Lead Instructor/Coach.

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Karen Farthing, Instructor/Coach


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Valued Consultants

Jason Reed, Consultant


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Wes Rogers, Consultant/Coach

Wes Rogers, Consultant with The Bulwarks.

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Craig Caudill, Consultant

Craug Caudill, Author and Educator st Nature Reliance; Bulwarks Consultant.

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