Slow Down

Let’s talk about slowing down for a second. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some very well respected people in the industry. One of them is my boss, Eric Dean, also the founder of The Bulwarks. Others are people such as Jim Higginbotham, Tom Givens, Dave Spaulding, and Steve Hendricks at Gunsite just to name a few. One thing that always stuck with me when training with these wonderful people was that misses don’t count. Now a miss is anything outside the vital area that won’t stop a threat. I know some of you think a good shot is anywhere inside the target, but it’s not. Sorry if that hurts your feelings. It’s better than a false sense of security.

So how do we make those important shots counts? It’s pretty simple. SLOW DOWN. Now, I’m not saying slow down like grandma driving a pot of chicken and dumplings to the potluck after church. What I’m saying is just tap the brakes for a split second and make sure your front sight is on target before you press the trigger. This goes for the gaming community as well as those who are practicing for a gunfight that may happen one day. There’s no point in pressing the trigger if you’re just going to miss. As Wyatt Earp said, “Take your time, but be quick about it.” Tap the break. See your front sight. Press the trigger. Rinse, wash, repeat as needed. “Festina Lenta” translated “more haste, less speed as quoted by Steve Hendricks.

Regardless of your shooting ability, slow down that split second and the speed will come. I’ve seen it happen over and over with several students. I’m a believer because it happened to me. Trust me, people like Ed McGivern or Jerry Miculek didn’t gain their speed over night. I’m willing to bet they slowed down just a hair and let the speed come naturally. – Jesse Ordunez 2/4/19

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