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Security Services

Peace of mind, when you need it most...

Human beings have a very clearly defined need for control. What happens when you lose control of your personal safety or the welfare of those you hold dear? You will do anything possible to GET IT BACK.

We can help. 

Whether your concern lies within your personal life or your professional life, The Bulwarks, LLC possesses the methods, the means, and the motivation to wrest control away from external influences and return it to you - where it belongs.

Our cache of seasoned professionals consists of years of experience in the fields of law enforcement, military, emergency medical service, and security. Each of our professionals hold diverse experience in the fields of security operations, intelligence, administration, logistics, communications, and medical.

The Bulwarks, LLC covers professional and workplace disruptions arising from high-risk terminations, workplace threats, theft, and other exposures. We also provide convoy escorts and site security for sensitive or high-value product. Executive Protection services are always conducted with discretion, and we aim for as little disruption to the principal's daily routine as possible.

Personal Security Details and Residential Protection Services are available for our clients as needed. Our security solutions remain flexible for our clientele, tailored to their needs.

For risk mitigation audits concerning church, work, school, events, or leisure security services, call us for an appointment. We will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can be proactive rather than reactive

Thank you for considering The Bulwarks, where confidence is our product and our profession.

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REGAIN CONTROL. We are here to help. Call us for a consultation.