God and Self-Defense

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”

As Moses returned from Mt. Sinai wit The Ten Commandments he brought with him these rules for Israelites to follow, and later all, Jews and Gentiles. As the original Hebrew text clearly defines the English translation which states “Thou Shalt Not Murder”. Most folks understand this as the God’s intent, but when Jesus comes on the scene some may not completely understand. Jesus is also clear about self-defense, but some of us may be guilty of violating this Commandment already AND we need know this now as it’s importance transcends right into our personal self-defense approach.

Jesus teaches we may be guilty of murder simply by having hate in our heart. The only hate God speaks of is hating evil. (Proverbs 8:13). When we deal with our fellow man, hate is not really a clear answer. Not to be misconstrued as weakness, but a clear mind comes from a heart and mind clear of anger which breads confusion.

Evil rules this world and if you know and trust what Jesus says, we’re just living in the world and not really apart of it. But when we are faced with evil, Jesus is perfectly clear on this. Love your brother


In the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter cut off the ear of a soldier when Judas and the rest of the band of Hebrew police came to take Jesus. Jesus immediately healed the ear and told Peter that it was Jesus’ time to be prosecuted, not time to defend me. (That’s another story we can discuss). Had it been any other circumstance, Peter would have been justified. How? Read Luke 22:36-38. Jesus was leaving Earth. He knew we would have to defend ourselves and taught for us to be prepared.

When we are faced with evil, anger, or danger, prepare your mind for clarity. Knowing we are justified in using self-defense to live then it does get easier (note I didn’t say easy). No one has a right to take a life illegally. So if we believe this we have to respect God to not allow evil to prevail and diminish His Light. Be kind and patient, but not to the extend that we lose our testimony and even our life.

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