Knock At the Door

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    Josh Parker

    Knock at the Door

    Q) It’s Saturday night and your family has decided to stay home and have a movie night. All the lights are out and it’s getting close to nine o’clock. Suddenly, you are disturbed by someone banging on the door as you’re watching your daughter’s favorite movie. This door is never used by anyone who knows you and the porch light is also off. What do you do?

    A) You grab your gun and fire a shot at the door because someone has disturbed you and they are trespassing.

    B) You get up and answer the door to see how you can help whoever’s there.

    C) You send your family into the back room and then answer the door.

    D) You send your family to the back room and then you approach the door. You turn on the outside light and only speak to him through the door.

    E) You do nothing and hope they just leave.

    Comment below on your answer and why.


    Chip Ray

    I choose F. Look through the peephole then open the door slightly leaving the “screen door” locked and closed with my gun hidden behind the main door to see what is needed. Then assess whether or not help is needed.


    John Dunaway

    It’s not a tactical problem yet.

    Look through the peephole and go from there.

    It stands to reason that opening the door for strangers is bad, and if they need non-immediate help tell them to call a tow company or go ask directions at the gas station (through the door)


    Jesse Ordunez

    We will post an answer for everyone to see in a couple days.

    Stay safe and train often,

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