About Us

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The Bulwarks LLC was established on January 1st 2016. The goal of The Bulwarks LLC is to help those achieve a sense of safety and security without external influences. We offer an array of courses and seminars for those seeking independence and security. Course range from situational awareness, home and personal security, and much more.

Meet the Team

Here at the Bulwarks, we take pride in the many years of experience and skill that goes into our services to you. Click the link below to meet more of the Bulwarks team that is hear to provide the best service that we can.


James Eric Dean

Founder & CEO

Building confidence in an industry that calls for a good understanding of
dangerous things is something I look forward to help everyone on their journey.
Defensive Weaponcraft is an immense responsibility.
I have had much success and I hope that this site, and our time together helps
to build confidence in your self and a better community to live in.



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