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Translations - diligence, care, carefulness, conscientiousness, persistence, perseverance, intentness, thrift, economy, frugality, attendance, application. 

We use ACCURACY. If you are accurate, you are being DILIGENT in your APPLICATION of force, using CARE and PERSISTENCE when addressing a threat, and by practicing THRIFT and ECONOMY by using only the amount of force (ie number of bullets) necessary. 

The fast or powerful round that does not hit anything meaningful to stop the fight is pointless.




Translations - force, strength, violence, energy, efficacy, strain, vigor, attack, assault, influence, effect, efficiency, coercion, supply, importance, number, quantity, meaning, significance, essence, nature, virtue, extent. 

We use POWER. If you are embracing power, you are ACCURATELY and EFFICIENTLY using FORCE, STRENGTH, ENERGY, and VIRTUE to the appropriate EXTENT. 

The quick, accurate round that does not create sufficient damage to stop an aggressor is dangerous and wasteful.




Translations - speed, swiftness, hurry, velocity, haste, rapidity, quickness, fastness, fluency, hastiness, precipitance, transiency, rate. 

We use SPEED. Proper use of speed involves the ACCURATE application of POWER with HASTE, FLUENCY, and SWIFTNESS, in the face of PRECIPITANCE (something that happens without warning). 

The powerful and accurate round that comes too late is also meaningless.