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The Bulwarks

Serving America's First Line of Defense Since 2016

  The Bulwarks LLC was established on January 1st 2016. The goal of The  Bulwarks LLC is to help those seeking peace and security to achieve their goals. We offer an array of courses and seminars  for those seeking independence and security. Course range from  situational awareness, home and personal security, and much more.  What sets The Bulwarks LLC apart from so many others is that we understand we cannot teach you these life-saving tactics. What we can do is teach you to teach yourself. #bulwarksstrong

About Us

President and CEO

James Eric Dean-Building confidence in an industry that calls for a good understanding of
dangerous things is something I look forward to help everyone on their journey.
Defensive Weaponcraft is an immense responsibility.
I have had much success and I hope that this site, and our time together helps
to build confidence in your self and a better community to live in. 

Director of Training

 Jesse Ordunez is an expert in the difficult field of Weaponcraft. His years of  training with the US military, AIM, Gunsite, The Bulwarks, and others  has placed him in many challenging situations of which he has performed  admirably. Jesse served in the US Army as an MP for eight years before  being retired due to injury. Some of his jobs consisted of PSD, Convoy  Security, Corrections, Force Protection, Quick Reaction Force and Route  Clearing and Security. He is also the founder of Raven Defense where he  teaches armed self-defense and defensive mindset for everyday Americans.
After  being on both ends of the rifle more than once, he brings real world  experience to training. The most notable gunfight, The Palm Sunday  Ambush on March 20, 2005. With 5/1 odds mistakes couldn’t be made.  Contact Jesse at jesse.ordunez@thebulwarks.com 

Director of Online Services

Genius on so many levels

Full List of The Bulwarks Cadre

Edwin Garcia

 Senior Bulwarks Instructor and Range Boss

Jason Rhodes

Bulwarks Lead Instructor

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